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You are seeing the home page of the Campbell University Interprofessional Education online community for faculty, staff and students of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and the School of Osteopathic Medicine. Only some of the pages on this site are public. This is a closed community dedicated to having our students, faculty and staff learn about, from and with each other as they go through their education here at Campbell University. Membership is restricted to those who are a part of the health sciences community at Campbell University. For more information please contact us at ipe@campbell.edu.

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This community expects professional behavior from all its members with regard to postings, comments and other interactions between health sciences students, faculty and staff. 

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Read about the Medical Student Rotations. See if you can spot the interprofessional interactions.

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IHI Open School Chapter Start Up

Several of your fellow health sciences students are interested in starting up an IHI- Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter at Campbell. If you are interested in helping with this endeavor please contact ipe@campbell.edu

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